Safeguarding the future

LoPresti Law is highly experienced in Estate Planning, specializing in crafting estate plans that look after your interests, ensuring that your estate is dealt with in accordance with your wishes.

Through the use of Wills, Living Trusts, Trusts, Charitable Gifting Strategies, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills, LoPresti Law can assist families in preserving their wealth for future generations, minimizing estate taxes and avoiding expensive and lengthy probate proceedings.

Having a well thought out plan for your estate is essential for you and your beneficiaries. Planning for the future safeguards your estate, and your wishes.

When it comes to estate planning, everyone has individual needs and unique objectives. LoPresti Law takes an individual approach to determine what will best suit your unique situation. Consult LoPresti Law to find out how you can create a plan that preserves your legacy and disposes your assets in a manner that meets your particular wishes.


  • Trusts & Living Trusts: Creating a Trust can benefit you and your beneficiaries significantly, by avoiding probate fees, passing on your estate in the manner you choose, and maintaining your privacy.
  • Power of Attorney: Assigning Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care is the best way to look after your interests when you are no longer able to.
  • Wills: Wills are a vital part of estate planning. Everyone should have a will, regardless of their financial situation.