Canada Revenue Agency and Tax Court of Canada

If you have been audited by the CRA, or received a Notice of (Re)Assessment with which you do not agree, your first step is to file a Notice of Objection. We can prepare your Notice of Objection.

If you do not agree with Agency's decision regarding your Notice of Objection, then we have the option to file an appeal with the Tax Court of Canada.

LoPresti Law will ensure you are well prepared at each step of the litigation process regarding your appeal.

We are experienced in complex tax matters and will provide you with effective counsel in preparing and delivering your case before the Canada Revenue Agency’s appeals division and through the Tax Court appeals process if warranted. If you require representation or think you may have a matter for the Canada Revenue Agency or the Tax Court of Canada, do not delay in contacting a legal representative as time limitations do apply.


  • Objection: If you’ve received a Notice of Assessment from the CRA that you disagree with, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Objection.
  • Tax Appeal: Appealing a decision made by the CRA requires filing your matter with the Tax Court of Canada within 90 days of receiving the CRA's decision.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program: If you think you’ve made an error on a tax return, you may be able to correct it through the Voluntary Disclosure Program.
  • Taxpayer Relief Program: You may qualify for relief from penalty or interest if you are prevented from meeting your tax obligations for reasons such as extraordinary circumstances or financial hardship.
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